A Change is Gonna Come

We are angry.

We are very very angry.

We have decided to channel that anger towards positive change for social good.

We are calling upon our experience with mobilizing, community service, and pro bono work to provide a platform for angry driven people to easily find and connect with projects, events, and organizations that focus on positive change.

We come from tech, food, media, and more.

We welcome people from all industries, all genders, all colors, all ethnicities, and all who are LGBTQ.

We welcome all people who do not seek to deliberately harm people.

This blog will chronicle our work so that additional like-minded people are able to replicate what we are doing. We’ll also spotlight social good events, projects, and organizations.

We have registered the socialgoodfinder.com domain as one of our first steps. We are having many discussions about the platform’s features and functionality. Yet, our mission to connect people with opportunities to do social good will not change.

If you are interested seeing our list of organizations that focus on positive impact, please feel free to visit: https://socialgoodfinder.com/social-good-links/. This list will be continually updated and eventually be integrated into the social good finder platform.

A change is gonna come….and if we’d love it if you would also consider being a part of this change.

Until next time change makers,

The SGF Team


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