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SF Bay Area Social Good Events

Each action impacts someone. It could be anyone. It could be yourself. These SF Bay Area events provide an opportunity to act.

December 2016 Events

January 2017 Events

March-December 2017 Events

Ongoing Events

Organizations Active in the SF Bay Area

Are you interested in finding organizations that impact our world for good? Are you restless and know that you could help out with your time, your hands, your brain, your compassion, or all of the above? Are you just as restless but, alas, don’t have the time because life stuff… but would like to donate? Do you want to know more about who you would be helping?

These SF Bay Area organizations are on the lookout for supporters like us.

Art, Literacy, Writing, and Culture


Community Forum and Discussion

Domestic Violence

Education: PreK-12

Education: Food-Oriented

Food: Donation, Pickup, and Delivery

Food Entrepreneur Incubator



Legal Assistance


Supporting People Living with HIV, Cancer, or other Life Challenges


Tech Fellowships


Truth seekers. Support truth seekers through subscriptions or donations. Or just follow them. Keep up-to-date on what is happening.

Organizations Active Beyond the SF Bay Area

When we started SGF, friends and family started suggesting organizations outside of the SF Bay Area. While we are focused on the SF Bay Area (for now), here are some organizations beyond the SF Bay Area to consider:

Potential Models for Inspiration: Art, Organizations, Projects, and Past Events

We love that opportunities to find social good are bountiful. We also love that past events, moments,  projects, or even organizations that are not looking for volunteers ….are still opportunities for us to use as inspirational social good models. Sometimes, we could be looking at each other at work, at a party, or anywhere…. and think “what could I do? what has been done before? can I really make a difference?”  

The answer is “YES!

Art, Music, Community, and Culture Moments


Past Events




Interested in creating your own fundraisers, projects, or events for social good and positive impact? Some tools and resources to consider.

Apply for Funding




Non-Profit Database